With the fast pace of real estate development and a rising population across the U.S., the demand on our precious water supply increases significantly each day. It is now more critical than ever to turn attention toward conserving valuable water resources. Taking an active role in water conservation for your multifamily apartment building not only helps protect our fragile environment but also translates to direct savings in your pocket through reduced utility costs and reimbursements from government programs. Read about our three reasons for choosing to conserve water at your property.

#1 Helps Conserve the Earth’s Precious Natural Resources

Turning your attention to water conservation helps preserve the beauty and integrity of our fragile ecosystem. Specifically, conserving water in your multifamily asset minimizes the environmental impacts by lowering the demand on local rivers, lakes, streams and other sources of clean water. This practice helps ensure these bodies of water remain viable and accessible for future generations of Americans. Additionally, water conservation efforts dramatically reduce the energy and costs associated with the full suite of required water treatment services. Read more about how you can start making a difference with water conservation products.

#2 Saves Money Through Water Conservation Measures

Water conservation not only offers a myriad of unique benefits for the environment but it also translates directly to more money in your pocket. Due to the ever-rising demands on the water supply, utility costs continue to climb each year. Cutting your multifamily apartment community’s water consumption through simple conservation efforts and transitioning to more efficient systems dramatically reduces your out-of-pocket costs. Some properties may even experience significant reductions in utility expenses and decreased water usage when switching to water conservation products. Learn more about the substantial savings multifamily assets may achieve by utilizing modern water conservation upgrades by accessing the recent case study of Newport Apartments in Irving, Texas. Learn more about how water conservation can save you money here.

#3 Helps Earn Reimbursements Through the Freddie Mac Multifamily Green Advantage Program

Conserving water can also qualify you for a wide range of benefits through the Freddie Mac Multifamily Green Advantage program. This program offers reimbursements and other incentives to enhance the water consumption efficiency of multifamily apartment assets across the nation. Specifically, it provides benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Assessments to detail the benefits of water conservation improvements
  • Increased loan amounts to help finance improvements
  • Better pricing options and much more

Water conservation is the right choice for your multifamily asset. To learn more about the full range of benefits and measures you can take to start conserving water, connect with our team at Performance Utility Management and Billing today.

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