Happy Holidays from Performance Utilities!
As we all hang the lights and spend more time with friends and family, utilities see a bit of a jump in usage over the last weeks of December. Don’t expect a snowy Christmas in Texas this year but do expect your utility bills to inch up accordingly.

Also, budgets are due.
The 2022 year, and budget cycle, is at an end. Now’s the time to make decisions on your utilities not just for 2023, but 2024 as well. With careful planning, you can increase revenue from your community’s utilities while adding to the quality of your resident experience.

• Did you consider the conservation effect of resident tech packages, or the increased appeal of communities with those amenities?
• Are all your meters reading correctly, or are you losing money on them while wasting water?

What are your utility goals for 2023 and 2024?
Let us know, and if you need helping planning for those goals, contact us directly.

We’ll Learn Ya!
Starting fresh for 2023, Performance Utilities will be launching a series of quick educational videos focused on multifamily utilities and conservation. We’ll focus on

• How to make sure your business and your community are getting the most out of your utilities, water and power conservation
• How to make sure your residents aren’t getting cheated!

You can find information on some of these topics already up at https://performanceutilities.com/case-studies/.

If there’s a topic you’re interested, make sure to email us directly at customerservice@performanceutilities.com

Performance Holiday Conservation Tip
In general, it creates less waste and fewer greenhouse gases to make a vegetable-based carbohydrate than an animal protein. What’s this have to do with the holidays? Go ahead and get a big helping of that dressing. Eat twice the pie. Extra donut? Get right on it; you’re saving the world!

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