Times are changing.
Throughout this summer, the Texas multifamily market was the only thing hotter than the temperature. According to CBRE, multiple Texas markets had double digit year-over-year rental growth and an over 95% occupancy rate.

Despite the continued influx to the Lone Star State, high interest rates, climbing labor costs, and inflated prices of a wide range of goods are driving up prices and slowing the speed of new construction, remodels and repairs. Simply put, supply is catching up with demand.

Historically, this means residents will be seeking higher quality for cost. Now’s the time to differentiate your community with modern amenities like smart thermostats and tech packages. Not only will these help your community stand apart, but the energy bill savings offered to the resident may be the difference in whether they choose your community, or your competition’s.

Austin Energy Multifamily Rebate Bonus Offer
The City of Austin’s long running multifamily energy efficiency rebate program is offering a 20% bonus for eligible properties. For income qualified communities, these rebates are designed to pay up to 100% of the cost of the energy efficiency measures installed.

In order to take advantage of the incentive bonus, you’ll have to act quick. Projects must be installed by December 31, 2022. That’s not much time at all! If you’re interested in saving money, water, and energy using any of the City of Austin programs, call us as fast as you can.

Congratulations to Seaholm Residences!
October 1st marked the close of the Performance Utilities E-Billing Account Contest. Seaholm Residences of Austin came out on top with well over half their residents using E-Billing Accounts. Beyond the benefit of providing the best service possible to their residents, Seaholm office staff will receive a $500 gift card from Performance Utilities!

An E-Billing Account is the simplest, surest to way to make sure your residents get all the information they need about their utilities. Residents that have E-Billing accounts with Performance Utilities simply don’t have the need to contact your office staff with utility questions, they get it answered all online from us. It’s great for both the resident and the community manager.

Although the contest for a $500 gift certificate is over, we know the contest to provide the best service possible for your residents is never-ending. If you need any additional information about E-Billing Accounts, feel free to contact us at customerservice@performanceutilities.com or calling us at (855) 326-6434.

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