The Lila @ Oakgate Apartments

Water Conservation Project

The Lila @ Oakgate Apartments
San Antonio, Texas | 253 units


Total Savings
YoY Comparison


The Lila @ Oakgate Apartments, a 253 unit community located in San Antonio, Texas, was under due diligence to be acquired. During their process, a water and energy audit was completed. With the data provided by the audit, the new owners had concerns over their monthly community water bills. The costs seemed unusually high so they contacted Performance Utility Management and Billing to help them find the cause and a solution. Utilizing the audit information and our expertise, it was discovered that The Lila @ Oakgate Apartments was using more water than another community of a similar size.


Our expert knowledge and analysis showed how the increased water usage at The Lila @ Oakgate Apartments resulted from outdated water products such as showerheads, toilets, and aerators. After analyzing their needs and the cause, Performance Utility Management and Billing recommended they replace their updated water products with water conserving Niagara products to reduce the gallons per flush (GPF) and gallons per minute (GPM). We guided the management team through product selection, initiated the order, and completed the installation process.


Performance continues to monitor and report on changes to The Lila @ Oakgate Apartments’ water usage over time. In the first two months, there was a significant decrease in water usage. Their year-over-year savings has reached $14,638 resulting in 1.7 million gallons of water saved.


Percentage of Savings – YoY Comparison
  • August 2018 8.00% 8.00%
  • September 2018 37.47% 37.47%
  • October 2018 44.04% 44.04%
  • November 2018 18.04% 18.04%
  • December 35% 35%

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